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The Benoits: One Family, One Passion, One Mission

With the richness of 40 years of experience, the naturalists Monique Blaquière-Benoit, Raynald Benoit and their daughter Gisèle are well-known figures in the fields of art and wildlife documentaries.


Monique’s and Gisèle’s paintings arouse the enthusiasm of a large audience due to their audacious and inspired essence, which extends beyond the rigid frame of scientific illustration. Their oils, gouaches, drawings and limited edition prints are highly sought after by collectors all over the world.


Gisèle is also a versatile author whose prose alternates between scientific rigor and poetry with the same virtuosity.

Raynald excels as a filmmaker and producer of documentaries that have become classics.

Monique, Raynald and Gisèle Benoit at the launch of the book FRISSON SACRÉ du monde sauvage at their art gallery in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, Haute-Gaspésie (Québec).

The wildlife artist Gisèle Benoit presents her painting Yellow Warbler on an Apple Tree.

Monique Benoit painting  The Two Owls.

Some notable achievements:



The Benoit family directs and produces the documentary LYNX, Guardian of Forgotten Secrets.


Launch of the beautiful art book Frisson Sacré du monde sauvage, published by SAS Nature. (Biography of the trio Benoit by Gabriel Leblanc, with more than 70 color plates of Monique’s and Gisèle’s paintings, as well as unreleased texts by Gisèle.)

​Exhibition: The Cervids, Muses of Artists, Monique and Gisèle Benoit – Musée du Fjord (Saguenay, Québec, Canada).


Publication of Boreal in Peril, a memoir recounting the Benoits’ 35 years of nature observation in areas subject to logging.


​Creation of the Society of Art and Science for Nature (SAS Nature), a non-profit organization which uses the Benoits’ work as tools to raise awareness and educate the public about wildlife protection and the conservation of natural habitats.


The Benoit family directs and produces the documentary series Wilderness Encounters, broadcast on Radio-Canada TV and ARTV until 2011.

The base camp of the Benoit family in northern Ontario.

Raynald Benoit during the filming of the documentary series Wilderness Encounters.


Launch of the art book « Cascapédia La Dame aux orignaux », published by Henri Rivard, editor, Beaux-livres Collection.

Author: Gisèle Benoit. Illustrators: Monique and Gisèle Benoit. Best choice Renaud-Bray.



The trio Benoit founds the Gisèle Benoit Wildlife Behavior Study Center in northern Ontario. Beginning of a background study on the wolf, the Canada lynx and several species of the boreal forest.


A large retrospective of the work of the Benoit family in museums in Québec. (The exhibition The Benoits, Ambassadors of Nature is presented at the Musée du Fjord du Saguenay, then in 1998, at the Musée de Gaspé.)


Opening of the Monique and Gisèle Benoit Wildlife Art Centre in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, Haute-Gaspésie (Québec).


The Benoit family produces the celebrated documentary The Grouse: An Exceptional Bird, which wins the Grand Prize of the XIe Festival international du film ornithologique de Ménigoute (France). The film is also nominated for the Prix Gémeaux (Canada) in the category of Best Author Documentary.


The documentary In the Company of Moose receives the Spectrum Kodak Award for the quality of its images filmed by Raynald Benoit.


The documentary In the Company of Moose is nominated in three categories at the Gemini Awards (Canada), including Gisèle Benoit for Best Direction in an Information or Documentary Program or Series, and Raynald Benoit for Best Photography in an Information or Documentary Program or Series.


The trio Benoit founds Les Productions Raynald Benoit Inc. to work in the field of professional wildlife documentaries.



The trio Benoit collaborates with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) to produce the well-known documentary titled

In the Company of Moose, first broadcast on David Suzuki's The Nature of Things in January 1993.

A spectacular scene from the documentary In the Company of Moose.


​Monique’s and Gisèle’s paintings are exhibited in various art galleries in Canada and abroad, the most important of which are Galerie Archambault (Lavaltrie, Québec), Beckett Gallery (Hamilton, Ontario), Galleries Maruzen, (Japan).



The Benoits discover Gaspésie National Park, in Québec.  The moose becomes their first muse and subject of study.



Gisèle and Monique are recipients of a Canadian Nature Federation scholarship for young promising wildlife artists. Thanks to this scholarship, the trio Benoit conducts a wildlife study tour which extends to the Yukon.

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