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Three Gemini Awards nominations and a Spectrum Kodak Prize

Narration by the award-winning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster, Dr. David Suzuki


Produced in 1993, this program documents wildlife painter Gisèle Benoit's remarkable observations of the behavior of moose in the wild and her unprecedented attempts to communicate with them. A sensitive and touching record of her encounters with the largest member of the deer family in the world, Gisèle Benoit's documentary is the culmination of 12 years spent filming throughout the spectacular Gaspesian countryside of Québec.


As a bonus feature, this box set includes a documentary in two parts, entitled The Spirit of the Moose. The first part is based on Gisèle's diary throughout one year of observation and the second part reveals the making of In the Company of Moose, as well as the long love story of the Benoit family for the moose. 

In the Company of Moose (Documentary DVDs)

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