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Grand Prize XIe Festival international du film ornithologique de Ménigoute, in France


Certain events have the power to change one’s life... One beautiful spring day, wildlife artist Gisèle Benoit meets a ruffed grouse. Incredibly, this bird follows her closely, and grabs the end of her braid with its beak, warning her that she is invading its territory. Intrigued by the strange behavior of this unusual bird, Gisèle decides to begin a comprehensive study of the ruffed and spruce grouse species.


With infinite patience, Gisèle succeeds in being accepted by these birds, and in penetrating their fascinating, secret world. Produced in 1995, this exceptional documentary offers the viewer extraordinary glimpses of the private life of the grouse. It also conveys Gisèle’s passion for these woodland birds, and reveals the astonishing relationship she develops with them – a relationship which allows her to hold these birds in her hands, and caress them.

The Grouse: An Exceptional Bird (Documentary DVD)

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